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How to Prepare a Speech

How to Prepare a Speech A speech is an organized presentation of a person’s thoughts, opinions or experiences to an audience. It can be made

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Formal Education

a child learns in a formal manner

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Informal Education

Education that a proper learning method.

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Non-formal Education

develop a particular skill

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Free Education

Education funded through government spending

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Studying the desirable teaching and learning methods to directly observe and guide the developmental characteristics of the son,
It is operated as a place for education, practice, and research that provides on-the-job experience.
The Sungshin Kindergarten Creativity Curriculum helps children develop holistically

By supporting the development, age, and interests of children, as well as the potential and strengths of each child,
Growing up to be an active, autonomous, and creative person while accommodating the changing needs of society
It aims to fulfill our role as a democratic citizen.

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